Dustin Smith holding Puerto Rican crested toad

Caribbean Conservation Update

Conservation in the Caribbean continues for the North Carolina Zoo!
Vulture SAFE
Tracy Aviary

All Eyes to the Sky - Counts for Conservation

On International Vulture Day, the skies are quiet and not a vulture is in sight. We need to recognize these unsung heroes.

Seeing Spots: World Giraffe Day 2022

Studying giraffes to monitor the health of their populations in Tanzania!
Puerto Rican Crested Toad in Limestone Crevice

World Frog Day 2022

Here's to hopefully being out in the field in 2022!
Virgin Island boa

World Wildlife Day 2022: Reflections on Conservation After Two Years of COVID-19 

COVID has had an effect on wildlife conservation, read our Zoo team's thoughts on conservation in the past several years.
Wreathed hornill
Nicky Icarangul

Love Hornbills Day 2022

Read more about these magnificent birds knows as the “Gardeners of the Rainforest” 
remote camera trap images of Visayan warty pigs
Talarak Foundation

North Carolina Zoo Supports the Reintroduction of Visayan Warty Pigs Back Into the Wild

As the North Carolina Zoo prepares for construction on the new Asia zone of the Zoo, many exciting new species are planned for the Asian habitats, including the critically endangered Visayan Warty Pig from the Philippines.