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Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-8
Summer Camps

Spend a day or a week learning and playing at the Zoo this summer. Our Summer Camps offer numerous opportunities for kids to have hands-on exploration as they learn about wildlife, conservation, and the Zoo! Check out our pre-K camps for rising preschoolers or our series of themed Summer Camps for kindergartens to 8th grades. 

Middle and High School
Fun for Budding Scientists

Wild Animal Science Camps provide fun educational opportunities for middle to high schoolers interested in science. The camp’s hands-on activities mimic the fieldwork conservation scientists undertake in the wild and offer a realistic overview of what it's like to be a conservationist.

Family and Adult Camping
Have a Snooze at the Zoo

Ever wonder what the Zoo’s animals do at night? Come camp with us and find out! We offer campouts in the zoo's North America and Africa regions for families, adults, and for those who'd prefer a sensory-friendly experience. Learn about our animals and conservation efforts, engage in activities, and enjoy s'mores around the campfire.

Campsite ambassador animal