Payton Polar Bear

A Day in the Life: Polar Bear Keeper

Feed. Clean. Train. Enrich. Repeat.
Vampire bat

10 Reasons to Appreciate Bats

Bats get a bad rep, but they are a very important species for the environment!
Male silverback gorilla Mosuba

8 Fun Facts about Mosuba the Silverback Gorilla

Mosuba has always been a rare gorilla, even from the very beginning!
Mom Kit and Baby Bonnie Southern White Rhinos

Meet the Girls: The 8 Ladies of the Rhino Crash

Learn more about the all-female rhino crash!
Fall Plant Sale, Red and Yellow Flower

Fall Plant Sale

Join us on Sat., September 17, for the Zoo's Fall Plant Sale!
Vulture SAFE
Tracy Aviary

All Eyes to the Sky - Counts for Conservation

On International Vulture Day, the skies are quiet and not a vulture is in sight. We need to recognize these unsung heroes.
Guests at the Africa Bridge Entrance of the North Carolina Zoo.

Top 10 Things To Do at the Zoo!

There's still plenty of summertime fun at the Zoo
Ranger vehicle

World Ranger Day: Zoo Rangers

World Ranger Day is July 31  - Celebrating the Zoo's Ranger Team!
African elephant

Zookeeper Appreciation Week: Managing & Training Elephants

The profession of zookeeping is a huge undertaking in itself, then adding seven elephants to the mix can really add even more weight! Literally!
Three Volunteers at habitat

Volunteer Researchers

Volunteer research is a critical part of the Zoo!