With over 1,700 individual animals of more than 200 species, providing the best care to the animals at North Carolina Zoo is a complex task undertaken by a passionate team of highly skilled animal care & animal health professionals. 

The subject of animal care and wellness covers many tasks that our animal care and animal health teams do every day such as close observation, feeding nutritional and well-balanced diets, cleaning, providing enriched and stimulating environments for our animals, training our animals to voluntarily participate in husbandry and medical procedures, ensuring their environment is safe & secure, implementing preventive health care, routine health check-ups and medical procedures. 

Our animal care & animal health teams are the frontline of our animal welfare assessment program at North Carolina Zoo. They provide excellent care every day and assess the resulting indicators of welfare. In the notes for each species our frontline staff have included comments as insight to some of the different facets of our daily work.