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Career Openings

To learn about current job openings at the North Carolina Zoo, please visit the North Carolina State Government Employment website. The Zoo is located in Randolph County.

How To Apply

As an agency of the State of North Carolina, North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources the North Carolina Zoo has very explicit procedures for hiring employees. 

Please search for jobs available at the Zoo and apply by submitting an application online.

Career Benefits 

The North Carolina Office of State Personnel maintains descriptions on many of the benefits programs.

The list of benefits is general in nature and is not all inclusive.

Working at the Zoo

Working at the North Carolina Zoo is exciting and rewarding. While zookeeper positions attract the most interest, there are other animal-related careers you will find at the Zoo. They include food service (prepare animal diets), registrar, animal husbandry staff, curators, and veterinary staff.

Other Zoo positions that support the Zoo and its wildlife include: horticulture, special events, public relations, IT, graphics, ticket sales, gift sales, rangers, food services, education, purchasing, environmental services and exhibits. For those candidates interested in the Zoo's private, non-profit fundraising operations, please contact the North Carolina Zoo Society.

More Than "Just a Job"

We strive to provide our guests with a memorable experience during their visit to the North Carolina Zoo. To accomplish this goal, we need talented, motivated and customer-service oriented people, working together productively.

At the Zoo, everything's geared to your success—from specialized training, personal mentoring, to fun activities like our Thanksgiving and 'Mater luncheons. These activities provide an informal opportunity to interact with fellow Zoo employees.

In fact, there are countless reasons to join the Zoo, and even more to stay.