Animal Facts
    Common Name:
    Barred Owl
    Scientific Name:
    Strix varia
    • Barred owls are nocturnal, but may be seen just after sunset.
    • Although they do mate for life, if one partner is lost, another mate will be found.
    • Possibly the most vocal of all owls, their hooting call is said to sound like "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all."
    • Typically a year-round resident, but may migrate in northern portion of range.
    1.25 lb
    22 in
    Life Span:
    20 yrs
    Gestation Period:
    30 days
    Number of Young:
    2-3 eggs
    • Forest
    • Grassland
    Fun Facts:
    • Their wingspan is 40-50 inches.
    • Stripes or bars on their chest give them their name.
    • Males are slightly smaller than females.
    • Mates may perform "duets" during breeding season, with the male's call deeper.
    • Barred owls are spreading west in the United States, leading to competition with the endangered spotted owl.
    • Their eyes are brown or black, unlike the yellow of many other owls.
    Endangered Status
    Endangered Status
    • Extinct in Wild (EW)
    • Critically Endangered (CR)
    • Endangered (EN)
    • Vulnerable (VU)
    • Near Threatened (NT)
    • Least Concern (LC)
    • Not Evaluated (NE)

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