Zoo Trekker Station with Staff

Become a Zoo Trekker Today -  Free

Zoo Trekker is a fun new way to experience the North Carolina Zoo. This activity guide will have you exploring the Zoo, observing animals and plants, solving puzzles, and sharing what you learn with others. 

What you need to know: 

  • Guests of all ages are welcome to participate in Zoo Trekker.
  • The activity guide is designed for 6-12 years old. Quests include a mix in difficulty. Younger audiences will need help to complete the activities. 
  • Pick-up the Zoo Trekker guide as you start your visit. Guides available at the Zoo Trekker kiosks in Akiba Market or just on the other side of the North America bridge across from Cypress Swamp.
  • Take the Zoo Trekker Pledge.
  • The guides are also available in Spanish.

How do you earn the free souvenir pin:

  • Complete 6 or more quests in the guide. 
  • Get each completed quest stamped at an Investigation Station, Kidzone or the two Zoo Trekker kiosks at the entrances.
  • Each person will need to complete their own guide to earn a pin.
  • Pins are available at the Zoo Trekker kiosks (open until 5:00 p.m.), Investigation Stations, and Kidzone (both open until 4:00 p.m.).
  • Pins can be earned in 1 visit or multiple visits (don't forget to bring your Zoo Trekker guide back with you).
NC Zoo Trekker in Nature

Zoo Trekker Pledge

I/We, _______________ Pledge to share what I/we learn about wildlife and wild places and to try my/our best to inspire others through my/our actions. 

Earn Your Zoo Trekker Souvenir Pin Today!

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