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Private Zoo Classroom Programs - Great for Classes or Groups

If you would like to purchase a private Zoo Classroom program for your class or group please email or call 336-879-7718.

Things to know

  • We will use our Zoom Meeting/Webinar or your meeting platform for the program.
  • Cost is $75 for the 1-hour program.

Possible Topics Include

A Frog's Life

Best for upper elementary and middle school aged children, this program takes a look at the lifecycle of frogs, how they are beneficial, and what challenges they face in the wild.   

Amazing Adaptations

Amazing Adaptations is perfect for 6th grade students but can be adapted to almost any age group.  We look at how different animals are able to survive in different habitats with different stressors, making ties to real world examples to get students excited about adaptations but also to understand humans have adaptations as well!

Animal Architects

Different animals live in different places, all specifically made to help them survive.  But have you ever wondered how a nest is made, or why a butterfly uses a cocoon?  How do termites make structures taller than 4 refrigerators stacked on top of one another?  Together we explain these architects and how they are so good at creating these wonders.

Animal Wrappers

Not all animals look and feel the same.  Why are some things soft and other things slimy?  Together we look at the different "wrappers" of animals and use audience observations to explain adaptations.  Best for grades K-1.

Bone Detectives

A fascinating introduction to the skeletal system of different animals and how the benefits of bones extend to humans as well.  This is a fabulous program for winter months when we cannot include live animals in our programs for their own safety!

Carolina's Coolest

When you think of the zoo, you likely think of elephants and giraffes and rhinos.  While we do have amazing African animals at the North Carolina Zoo, we also have animals that live here in North Carolina that you may have never seen!  We will talk about birds, reptiles, amphibians, and animals that can all be found right here in your backyard.

Gentle Giants

Some of our animal friends at the North Carolina Zoo are massive!  Why did they grow so big, and are they really as scary as they seem?  This program is best for younger elementary school age groups to explore basic observations and begin to apply logic to animal survival

From Eggs to  Legs

This program is geared specifically for 2nd graders to learn about different life cycles and how they compare and contrast with each other.

Investigating Invertebrates 

Enter the world of Inverts and how complex they can be.  This program has modifications to fit the needs of multiple age groups, and offers an up close and personal look at invertebrates, what they are, and how they are beneficial.


All Science starts with using our senses!  Together we will us our senses to observe the senses of other animals at work!  This program keeps the wow factor, is fast paced, and great for students of all ages, as student observations lead the discussion.

Nature's Mythbusters

Can you run in a zigzag to avoid an alligator?  Do snakes eat their tails?  Can owls really turn their head 360 degrees?  Do vampire bats really suck our blood?  Join us in answering the crazy questions you may have never thought to second guess!

Three Bears

Three bears are in North America: Black bear, Grizzly bear, and Polar bear!  How are they different?  Using the age old story of the three bears and goldilocks, we compare these three bears and point out just how different they really are.


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Animal Stars

You won’t find these animals on the Hollywood walk of fame, but if you look up to the stars you will see them!  Through stories, artifacts and a few live animals we will explore a number of animal constellations.

Animal Olympics

Just like people, animals of all shapes and sizes can be athletes too!  Join us as we engage in fun activities, meet live animals and explore unique biofacts as we demonstrate different animal skills and talents.

From Eggs to Legs

Change is everywhere but some animals take it to the extreme! Join us to learn how tadpoles become frogs and why metamorphosis is such a fascinating type of life cycle.

Animal Mythbusters

Can an owl turn its head all the way around?  Do opossums hang from their tails?  Can a cockroach actually survive a nuclear war?  With the help of some live animals, animal artifacts and some interactive fun, we will bust some of these common animal myths!

To go along with this program we have an elephant pledge that you can choose to participate in. Select an activity to pledge to do this year and then color the page to signify your commitment.


Some owls love to eat skunks! Ok, so maybe their sense of smell is not great, but luckily they have other excellent senses that help them survive. Explore many more sense-sational adaptations and how the Zoo uses this information to aid in our animal’s welfare.

Amazing Animals

Ever wonder how the North Carolina Zoo takes care of so many different animals?  Tune in and learn about what it takes to care for some of the smallest to the largest animals.

Animal Architects

Discover some of the creative ways animals build their homes, nests, or community housing. Learn how we can help protect habitats so these crafty critters can continue to be amazing architects!

Creatures of the Night

Afraid of the dark? After this program, you may have a greater appreciation for things that go bump in the night! Using biofacts and a live animal or two, we will explore the world of some nocturnal animals.

Backyard Buddies

Whoooo's in your backyard? We'll explore what native species can be found on the east coast and why they are important to the overall health of this region.

Animal Adaptations

Can you smell your food from miles away? Is your tongue purple or blue? These are just a couple examples of the many adaptations that animals use for survival. Together we will uncover more unique ways living things can adapt to their habitats and why biodiversity is crucial to the health of our planet.

Reptacular Adventures

Slither on in and learn some “cool” facts about these cold-blooded creatures! Learn how each group of reptile is unique and their own way and why and how to better appreciate these misss-understood animals.

Investigating Invertebrates

We usually consider them to be the creepy crawlies of the world, but these important animals are only literally "spine-less." Learn how invertebrates rule the world by keeping us and the world around us healthy. 

River Adventures

Come join us on an adventure exploring our important waterways from the mountains to the sea. As we travel down these waterways, we will be using biofacts and live animals to connect our native wildlife to these vital ecosystems.

Winging It

Did you know the fastest animal in the world is a bird? Fly in and discover more about these amazing avians! Beautiful biofacts and a live animal will help give you a better appreciation of these winged creatures.

Amazing Animal Occupations

Did you know that many different kinds of wildlife have jobs like people do? Come discover more about ant farmers, tortoise landlords, bird dentists and so much more!

Animal Wrappers

Just like candy has a wrapper to protect it, animals have special coverings that protect them from the outdoors. Amazing biofacts and some live animals help us tell the story of fur, feathers, scales, and more.

African Safari

Get your safari hat on as we go on an adventure through Africa and learn about some of the amazing animals that call this place home. We will get to meet a few friends along the way and see some cool biofacts.

Swamp Critters

Some of the coolest animals and habitats are found in swamps. Tune in as we explore swamps and the critters that call it home!

What’s on the Menu?

Food chains help us identify who eats what...or whom. Participants will discover how much information can be found in an animal's skull, how teeth determine what you eat, and how some animals avoid being on the menu of others.

 Animal Heroes

Not all heroes are human, some come in the four-legged variety!  Join us as we learn about some unconventional heroes of the animal world and meet a few live ones!

Animal Habitats

Pack your suitcase and join us for a trip around the world to explore some unique habitats and how animals survive in them!

Inside Out

Let’s bring the inside out and discover how an animal’s skeleton tells us a lot about their behavior.

Animal Symphony

Have you ever wondered just how sound works sometimes without even making noise? This program will talk about how important sound is for all animals, even for animals without ears, vibrations are the key to communication!

Getting the Gist of Giraffes!

Join us as we learn about the majestic giraffe. These gentle giants of Africa have some amazing features that make them stand out in the animal world!

Animal Jeopardy

Come test your animal trivia skills and see if you can win the grand prize…bragging rights!!!


Sneak Peak of Our New Collaborative Program "Creature Connections" 

Join us for a very special collaboration between the North Carolina Zoo and the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher to learn about two species that have a bad reputation but need our help: American Red Wolves and Sand Tiger Sharks.

Creepy Crawlies Part 1

Halloween is creeping closer, so let’s meet some of our many-legged critters that makes some people’s skin crawl!

Creepy Crawlies Part 2

Slither in and meet what some people consider their worst nightmare! But you decide if they truly are the stuff of nightmares or a very misunderstood beneficial animal!

 Masters of the Night

Let’s go batty and learn all about these amazing creatures and discover the benefits of bats!

Thank you: Animals

Let’s celebrate the month of thanks by being thankful for some amazing animals that make our world a better place!

Thank you: North Carolina Zoo

The Zoo has been involved in animal conservation for many years.  Join us and learn some of the many ways the Zoo is helping animals locally and internationally!

Animals in Winter

Ever wonder what animals do in the winter? Join us as we learn some of the strategies animals take to help them survive the cold!

DIGESTION!! In one end… out the other!

Getting ready for the holiday feast? How good is your metabolism this holiday season? Join us to find out how food affects different animals and why some grow faster than others. 

Animal Families

The holidays are all about family, so join us and learn about some different, or similar, animal families and see if you recognize any of your family members!

The Art of Camouflage

Did you see that?  Probably not if it had good camouflage!  Come test your eyesight to see if you can find these hidden creatures who have mastered the art of camouflage!

Animal Jeopardy 2

It’s baaaack!  We have so many more animal trivia ideas, we decided to test your knowledge again!

My Favorite Things

Join us for our last Zoo Classroom and learn what Nikki’s top 10 favorite animal facts are!  Make sure to bring your #1 favorite animal fact to share with us!