Resources for Grades 9 - 12

Students observe and analyze the natural behaviors of primate species at the North Carolina Zoo.

Grade Level: 3-12
Themes:  Adaptations, Habitat
Curriculum Connections: Science, Math

Students conduct an audit of environmental practices at school to identify new opportunities to protect the environment with simple changes.

Grade Level: 6-12
Theme:   Conservation
Curriculum Connections: Science

Through mathematical investigations in the classroom, students make connections between melting Arctic ice and the difficulties that polar bears face in their habitat.

Grade Level: 6-12
Themes: Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecosystems
Curriculum Connections: Science, Math, Technology

Through exploration of art at the North Carolina Zoo, students will be inspired to create a biodiversity artwork of their own while making connections between diverse ecosystems, habitats and animals.

Grade Level: 6-12
Themes:  Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecosystems
Curriculum Connections: Science, Art