Fall Plant Sale

Plants are available first-come, first-served and cash or check is appreciated

If you’re a gardening fan, there’s a good chance that somewhere in your garden, you have plants that started as clippings from a friend or neighbor - it’s not uncommon for folks to share whole plants from their gardens for others to plant into their garden. But what if you had the chance to do the same thing, and instead of clippings from your neighbor's house, you were able to transplant a little bit of the beautiful plants that you see all around the North Carolina Zoo grounds?

Our Fall outdoor plant sale is happening on Saturday, September 17, from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the Africa parking lot. We will have plants cultivated by our horticulture experts, including plants from the Aviary collection. Plant varieties vary by year, so see what delights we have for your home or garden!


A wide variety of plants are available at the Zoo's Fall Plant Sale held Saturday, Sept. 17, 8 am-3 pm

Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant

While many think Spring is the prime planting season, Fall is the best time for planting trees and shrubs because they are going dormant. The plants won't be losing as much water through their leaves, and they're better able to adapt to their new surroundings. Plus, it's just a lot easier on them in general. One of the best ways to ensure that the plants take is by digging a hole twice as large as the root. Then, break up the solid around the plant and mix it well with the soil in which it is potted. The plant will adapt better to its new environment.  

What You Can Expect at the Sale

At our Fall outdoor plant sale, you'll find a wide variety of plants that our horticulture team has expertly cultivated. Another bonus: we'll have plants from the Aviary collection. The Zoo's Aviary was permanently closed this year, and now you can take home a little piece of it as a memory. 

Remember that plant varieties vary yearly, so even if you've been to our sale before, there's always something new to see. 

Here is a sampling of what's available:

● Fall Astors

● Fall Sunflowers

● Succulents

● Cacti

● Variety of Orchids* - many from the Aviary!

* Note: orchids are in dormancy

Our horticulture team and volunteers will be at the sale and available to answer any questions about growing them at home and any advice to help you transition them to your garden successfully.

Why Buy Plants from the Zoo

● You'll be supporting our horticulture education programs. All of the proceeds from the sale go back into continuing education for our experts and staff. 

● You'll be getting high-quality plants. We take pride in the plants we cultivate and only sell those we would be proud to display in our homes and gardens. 

● You'll have a wide selection - we always have a variety of plant types available, so you're sure to find something you love.  

We hope this has inspired you to join us for our Fall outdoor plant sale, as it is an opportunity to get new plants for your home or garden and support horticulture education and research. Hope to see you there!